What is Article Submission? Learn All About Article Submission In 2019

article submission
Article submission generally refers to creating articles that are related to your online business and then spreading them on the web through known sources like Ezine Article, ehow and many more. There are also many other sites on the web for you to submit your articles too.

There has to be a close relation between the submission articles and the related business. The major reason for article submission to article submission sites is to generally generate backlinks and in turn get some traffic from them.

Here at Backlinksguy we are concerned at using article submission as a source of Backlinks rather than traffic. Though if used properly article submission sites can drive high amount of traffic without sweating too much.

The articles that you write need to specialized too. The submission articles must be linked to the website well. Big organizations generally hire content writes to focus on article submission. Content writers are adapted in writing SEO rich submission articles. There are a bunch of content writers at sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr that are great at their work of article submission. But you do need to have the filtering skills to do so.

article submission

According to many SEO experts out there, Article submission has the potential to be the most successful. We also started our marketing campaign with Article submission sites. The article that you line up for submission has to be to the point and without any keyword stuffing. Most newbie content writers make this mistake of keyword stuffing in their submission article.

Article Submission should be done at relevant categories of these popular article submission sites. Most of these article submission sites have quite a high bar and only allow quality content to stay on their site.

If your article is good enough, website owners of other sites may republish your articles and put a backlink on your site, increasing your search engine rank.

Benefits Of Article Submission

  • Build Backlinks for your website.
  • Generate traffic through genuine sources.
  • Improve brand presence in your niche.
  • Generate traffic through particular keywords.
  • Improve search engine results.
  • Backlinks for lifetime.
  • Effective and sought after marketing technique.
  • Does not cost any money. (You do need to pay for the content writer)
  • You can easily dominate your niche with article submission.

While writing submission articles, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. The submission article has to be original and must provide information. Definitely avoid keyword stuffing on your articles. The recommended length of the article is between 500 and 1000. The submission article must have a heading and the keyword must be mentioned in it. Like this post, your submission article must not be a single big paragraph. It must have subheadings, bullet points and smaller paragraphs. It will give your submission article a clean and presentable look.

Article Submission Now

Article submission is still alive and kicking. There is a myth out there that article submission has lost its touch and does not have the same authority as it used to have. Sites like Wikipedia are proving them wrong every day.

To discourage spammers many article submission sites only allow “no-follow” links on their websites. This discourages web crawlers to pass any link juice from their website. Though, if you have a no-follow link from a high authority website, it definitely helps you.
In our opinion, a single no-follow link from Wikipedia is far more important than hundred do-follow links from low profile websites.

So folks this is all about article and article submission sites. Please comment below if you have any queries regarding article submission. 

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