Why Congress Does Not Stand A Chance In This Elections

INC (Indian National Congress) is like the New York Yankees. Everyone loves to hate them (currently). We here at Backlinksguy don’t want to be biased and leaning towards a single party. Like our article: Learn Digital Marketing From BJP! We now present to you the frailties and weakness that surrounds the current INC.

INC aka Congress is the oldest and most would agree, the most prestigious party in India. Ever since independence, it has been the most dominant party in India. We can learn many things that we should not do in digital marketing by following the footsteps of INC.

India's political fight has spiced up and is unmistakably making waves over the internet; we would all be able to run over different substance pieces by both the gatherings on different internet based life channels.

Two of the greatest political parties are fighting for what might be a clash of incredible scale. A key part of this race is the Digital marketing adopted by both BJP and Congress.

No Social Media Presence

Presence over social media is the key to everyone’s growth. Nowadays, most election opinions are formed over Twitter and Facebook. The current ruling party BJP for better or worse has a great social media presence with the “Bhakt Army”. The same cannot be said about the INC. If you live in India, then look at the top trends, most of them are pro BJP.


RaGa is a Meme Generator

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the INC has been stuck with an image of “Pappu”. He is the source of internet trolls during the election season. The lack of social media presence of the INC also does little favour. There is no counter from the INC side. The image stuck with Rahul Gandhi is that he is a “Pappu”, immature and a fool while his counterpart is efficient, hardworking and brave (and many other good things).

rahul gandhi memes

rahul gandhi memes

This may be the reason why, Priyanka Gandhi has stepped up to change the leadership scenario in Indian National Congress. Whether it works or not will be evident on 23rd May 2019.

INC Not Coming Up To Terms With Digital Marketing

While the current leader of INC represents the “youth”, the INC are not up to date with the medium used by the youth and therefore lack in that front. We are not talking about political issues. Here the goal is to leave aside politics and concentrate towards the aspects of digital marketing. The current government has struck a chord with the youth as most of them see them everywhere on the internet.

No Marketing Over The Internet

Our own website shows the ad of BJP from time to time. Not once have we seen a Congress ad here and chances are we will never. BJP is good at milking every marketing opportunity out in the market. The pro BJP ads are everywhere and in full flow.

bjp google adsense

Losing The Cine Wars

BJP vs INC Cine War

With an end goal to extend their span BJP discharged a restrictive biopic dependent on the Life of Mr. Narendra Modi. The trailers got great response and was shared wildly over every single social medium stages. Aside from that BJP additionally advanced the dispatch of "The Accidental Prime Minister" which was a motion picture dependent on the Ex-Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Now, you can see the difference of projection between the two movies and the damage they did to the INC.


From the above mentioned facts, it is clear that INC is lacking in its effort to make the most of the digital marketing potential. It is also clear that one party knows its importance and its impact on the voters. To all our viewers from India, use your right to choose and choose wisely. Do follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we are also looking towards creating a global presence.
Based on the current state of affairs, who will win the Lok Sabha Elections?

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