The Ultimate Guest Posting Guide For 2019

guest posting
Guest blogging is a way to increase your site traffic by spreading it out throughout the web. Guest blogger offer their articles to other websites with a goal of generating links for their own blog. While this also generates backlinks, in our opinion the main goal is to generate reputation for their website in the chosen niche.

Whenever you create a website there is bound to be someone requesting you for a guest post. This alone might highlight the importance of guest posts to you. In layman's terms “Guest Posts” are articles that you write for someone else’s website. Guest posting also builds relations within the community and gives you much necessary exposure if you’re starting out.

Guest blogging gives you access to someone else’s audience instantly. A good enough article can double your audience easily.  While guest posting, you need to abide by the rules of the website owner.


The guest post that you submit has to meet the conditions of the website owner (and the benchmark for quality is generally high). Most bloggers are interested in guest blogging as it is a win-win situation. Guest blogging helps you generate high quality Backlinks. 

As guest posting is quite easy to do, it is overused and creates a negative effect. Many claim guest posting has now turned into spamming with its negatives outweighing the positives. 

Is Guest Posting Still Relevant?

YES, if you don’t spam guest posts it will definitely yield you traffic and reputation. 

Things To Remember While Guest Posting

Write the article as if you’re writing it for your own website.
Promote the guest blog on social media. (Don’t leave the article promotion on the website owner)
Respond to as many comments as possible.
Write a unique content on topic which you have expertise.

Starting Guest Blogging

Websites will be resilient to accepting your guest posts in the beginning. Guest posting is not that easy if you’re targeting the right audience. You need to start targeting small website first.  They will easily accept guest posts. There will be many top websites in your niche rejecting your guest posts at first.

Also mention the following in your guest post
  1. Your Name
  2. Website Domain
  3. Email Id
  4. Social Media Links

Content Is King

Many sites use guest blogging solely for creating backlinks and delivers poor content. These guest posts do more harm than good as search engine penalizes the guest posts that provide no incentive to the readers. You should always concentrate on creating quality content.
Follow the same things mentioned above while accepting guest posts for your website too.

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Finding Guest Posting Sites In Your Niche

1. Google Advanced Search

Google provides many facilities to give you the exact search result. One of them is using Quotation(“). You can write “Keyword” “write for us”. This will help you find websites that accept guest blogging in your niche.

guest posting

The amount of combinations you can apply is endless. Some of them which you can use are here

“guest post” “keyword”
“keyword” “submit guest post”
“keyword” “submit article”
“keyword” “guest author”

You can find more of these google search combinations on our Facebook Page.

2. Twitter

We have no idea why people don’t use twitter to find guest posting opportunities. The search results are also more recent and the chances of guest post getting accepted is also higher. On that note do follows us on Twitter

guest posting

A simple twitter search will do the job for you. Just enter your topic along with guest post. 
Eg : seo guest post

guest post

guest post

These can easily generate 2-3 leads for guest posts. This is the most easy method to find guest posting sites in your niches. This is a highly recommended trick that can ease your task.

3. Ahrefs (Not Free)

Ahrefs enables you to analyse your competitor. This can be used to find the source of your competitors backlinks. You can sort the Backlinks depending on their DA (Domain Authority). You can easily find 10-15 websites for guest posting.

guest posting using ahrefs

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While all these above methods are very good, if you’re in a hurry check out our post on the best Guest Posting sites. 

While Guest Posting has lost its charm slightly, it is still widely used and many websites depend on it. We here at Backlinksguy truly value your opinion and want you to participate in the POLL HERE. Comment below if you accept guest blogging on your website.

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