Blogger: Expectations VS Reality

Blogger VS Wordpress
Blogger is the best! Wordpress does not hold a candle against Blogger! Calm down, we all know that blogger is a good platform BUT it comes with it good's and bad's. Blogger is basically a platform where people blog about their day to day happenings (it was that a few years ago). Blogger was introduced in 2003. A free blog works under the subdomain of You can also redirect it to a custom domain (like we did to our blog).

This post is particularly challenging for us at BacklinksGuy as our own blog is created on Blogger. We don’t have many complains about it. We will try to present a practical and unbiased version of blogger. If you already have a website based on blogger follow these tips to Get Instant Adsense Approval. Now let us give you some reality check.

The Dashboard Is Shit!

In a more humble way, the blogger dashboard has its limitations. Only Stevie Wonders can say that the Blogger dashboard is more user friendly than a wordpress dashboard. While its main competitor Wordpress has multiple widgets, blogger has absolutely NONE. One thing that Blogger can boast about is being too easy. Even my pet can create a blog by hitting a few buttons here and there.

Blogger VS Wordpress

Blogger Is Allergic To Updates

Blogger VS Wordpress

While wordpress brings in updates constantly, the same cannot be said about Blogger. It might be possible that the Blogger you are using might be the same that your father/mother used. This might be one of the major reason why 90% websites are based on wordpress. Most people use blogger as a source of expression and rarely use it for commercial purposes.

Blogger Has Zero Scope For Customization

We had to work hard for 2 days just to create the foundation of this site. When we did the same on wordpress, it took us 2 hours! Now that is a staggering difference. Most of it is attributed to the lack of customization Blogger offers. While you can surpass many of these using external sources, it seems like an unnecessary chore which you don’t want to do. As I said, in wordpress it takes just minutes to create a website.

Blogger Has Exactly Zero Plugins

Plugins are something that make wordpress and all other Blogger contemporaries stand out. When we started out with BacklinksGuy, we even found it difficult to upload an SEO friendly image (this might also be our fault as we were complete Blogger noobs).

Blogger VS Wordpress

Since this website is based around SEO, let us talk about the well renowned Yoast SEO plugin. Most of us blogger users envy it as it makes life much easier for a wordpress user. There are many other plugins available for wordpress users and in plenty. 

If you’ve read this article throughout, you might come to a conclusion that Blogger is a complete no-go. But there’s always two sides of a story. While wordpress trumps Blogger in many ways, there is one thing in which Blogger is supreme. BLOGGER IS COMPLETELY FREE! Now this is an important bit of information for many people out there. In Blogger, you only need a custom domain, the hosting and also an additional SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is free.

In Conclusion, Blogger is really the best FREE platform out there. If you’re not a cheapskate like us go for Wordpress. If you like this article, don’t be a cheapskate and share it on all social media. Do follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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