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We applied for Google Adsense for our website BacklinksGuy on 23rd February 2019 and were approved on 24th February 2019. There seems to be a fuss in the market regarding Google Adsense approval and the difficulty surrounding it.  We admit that it is difficult to get Adsense approval if your website belongs to a certain niche. If you follow the steps that we have listed below, Adsense approval won’t be a dream but a reality.

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1. Match Your Email Id With Your Domain

While this one certainly does not hit the homerun in terms of getting adsense approval, it is a step in the right direction. I heard about this on Youtube (don’t remember the video). It did the trick for me, so I would recommend the same to you.

2. Must Have A Custom Domain

I have never seen a website like or with google adsense running on them. These websites never get adsense approval. You must buy a custom top level domain like .net, .com, .org. Realistically looks much better than

3. Create The Necessary Pages

Your websites chances of getting adsense approval will definitely quadruple if you add the necessary pages. We were recommended about this by a friend who also had his websites adsense approved quickly. The pages in question are the About, Contact, Sitemap pages. These pages are easy to create on any platform whether it is Blogger or Wordpress.

4. Create 15 to 20 High End Posts

While some do not agree with this particular point, we highly recommend you following this as it worked wonders for us. Before you apply for adsense, you need to have atleast 20 posts (in our opinion). We had around 40 posts before we even thought about applying for Google Adsense. In our opinion, the posts need not be biblical stories spanning 1500 words. Your aim must be to create meaningful posts rather than a cocktail of words.

5. No Copyright Images

Now this is something a lot of newbie fall for. Using images that are within the frames of copyright, will definitely result in you not getting adsense approved. Our websites do not contain any copyright images; we rather create our own. There are many sites like Canva where you can create your own images. If you have already fell for this, remove all copyright images from your website and follow all the steps listed here.

6. Clean Website With Easy Navigation

No one wants a website that looks cluttered. No one wants a website that acts on its own. No one wants a website that does something else when you intend to do something else with it. The easiest way to make your website clean is to use a navigation bar that works. Other thing that you must consider is remove unnecessary things from your sidebar. Follow these steps and you will be definitely clean on this front.

7. Don’t use Other Ad  Networks While Applying For Adsense

Ah! The smell of money; no mortal can get away from it. While adsense is the main aim, there are many sites that use combinations of multiple ad networks to make more dough. While we recommend you to do this, do not put ads from other ad networks while applying for adsense. Also read : Google Adsense Alternatives!

The above are the only steps you really need to enforce on your website to successfully get approved by adsense. These are the easy steps that will get you easy adsense approval. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding adsense approval and the above post. Do share this post to every adsense hopeful everywhere. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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