It's All About Why People Blog

why people blog You might be running a business, writing a book, raising children and trying to have a life. We get it. Talking about your business, have you ever wondered about writing a blog for it? Writing a blog helps you bring productivity, getting things done, and what not. But let me warn you about Blogging, it can be a tedious job sometimes. On the contrary, blogging (if done well), can be the most productive thing you do all day, and can even take the place of many of your daily “to-dos”. So, if you’re a noob to Blogging I suggest you start your blogging journey with Blogger (a blogging platform designed by Google).

Before you start a blog, consider an itinerary for it. Take some time to consider the reasons why you want to be a blogger. Think about your short and long term goals for your blog. Try to keep match between the reason why you want to blog and your blog goals, or you’ll certainly fail in carving out quality content for your blog, Thus, increasing the chances of your blog getting doomed.

The prime reason for starting a blog is one's passion for writing them. But besides passion, there are many reasons as to why people blog. A recent survey was done by our team about why people blog, revealed these five most popular reasons to blog. While blogs can be written about any topic, the reasons why the blogger started the blog usually lands in one of the five reasons described below.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Blog

1. Blogging For Business or a Cause

This reason for blogging is now quite in fashion nowadays. Some blogs are created to support a business or non-profit organization. It doesn’t matter whether or not the blog content directly or indirectly promotes the business, charity products, or services. The thing that matters here is that the blog is citing to the business website and enables the business to raise brand awareness, share information, and extend the brand’s reach throughout the web world. Business blogs are a heck of a tool to jump-start social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Blogging To Make Money Online

You must have heard a lot that “it is easy to make money through blogging” well you have heard it right. Blogging itself has become a business for most of the people as they earn a lot through it rather than developing software. Most people start out with one blog, but along the way, they gain experience and eventually generate ideas for blogs in other niches. The things a blogger learns from its initial blog is the marketing strategies, how to make money through blogging, dos and don’ts of blogging, etc. that will help him accelerate the growth of future ventures.

3. Blogging For Entertainment And Fun

When a blogger creates a blog simply as a way to entertain the crowd through his knowledge without caring about the money matters, counts under the category of blogging for entertainment and fun. Well, if you search the web for a while you will notice that there are huge numbers of blogs that were created for no other reasons than to allow the blogger to have fun or to entertain people. Sports blog, travel blogs, humor blogs, celebrity blogs, art blogs, many hobby blogs, and most personal blogs fall into the category of blogging for entertainment and fun. Also, some photo blogs created comes under the same category.

4. Blogging For Refining Your Writing Skills

Practice makes a man perfect; so, the more you write, the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis and therefore analyze and proofread their writing constantly. Also, your audience can be a valuable asset in helping you improve your writing skills by providing their feedback to help you become a better writer.

However, being a good writer is not essential for a successful blog. It is to be noticed that many very high profile bloggers are self-proclaimed terrible writers, and part of their success could be attributed to their message of “If I can do it, so can you”.

5. Blogging For Education

This is my personal reason for starting a blog. Some blogs are started as a way to educate people about a specific topic. For example, a how-to blog focused on teaching people how to start a successful business or how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase website traffic would be an educational blog. It doesn’t matter what topic the blogger is writing about as long as the purpose of the blog is to educate the crowd.

So these are the five most popular reasons as to why people start blogging. Also, do let us know in the comments section below your very reasons about why you started blogging. For more frequent updates do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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