Quick And Easy To Apply SEO Tricks!

seo tricks
SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way for newbie bloggers to stand out.  While we have listed many SEO and backlinks generation tricks that you can apply, here we present a list of quick SEO tricks that you must apply to your website if you haven’t already. The goal is to share our experience and the difficulties and success that we faced while dong SEO for this very website.

1. You must use bold and italics to highlight and emphasize the keywords on the article. While most people do not find it helpful, it does not affect the article negatively. So why not use it!

2. A sitemap is very much necessary for a blog. There are many sites that help you create sitemap easily. If you find it difficult to generate a sitemap, comment below and we will surely help you.

3. Interlinking is the best tactic to employ. I have seen many SEO experts recommend it. The best thing is that you only require your blog for this process.

4. We recommend you to target long tail keywords as they are easier to rank on. The results will be evident quickly. Rather than focusing on a single high competition keyword target multiple long tail keywords.

5. If you can afford it, use ahrefs or semrush. They will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. The best SEO tools 2019!

6. Never use copyrighted content. Using images or anything else without permission can affect your blogpost negatively. Create original content, there is no issue in adopting ideas from somewhere else but you need to make it your own.

7. While we have not been effective on this front, social media presence is extremely important. We are definitely facing issues on not being pro-active. A popular post on social media will rank higher on SERPs after the new update. Be better at social media.

8. There is a myth surrounding outbound links. In our opinion, outbound links are great and help increase your websites authority. I recommend you to no-follow the outbound links and you’ll be good to go.

9. If your website is based on wordpress, definitely use the Yoast SEO plugin. It somewhat automates the SEO process and definitely saves time.

10. Mostly create backlinks on website that relate to your niche. These backlinks have the tendency to be 10x more powerful than a hastily created backlink.

11. While there are many backlinks generating opportunity, guest posting is by far the most effective way to generate backlinks. Guest posting helps you in two ways that is it creates a powerful backlink and also drives relevant audience to your website. All about guest posting.

12. Use the keywords you are targeting in your image alt text. Divide the post content in small paragraphs and use simply words that speak universally.

13. Keep the post structured. Make wise use of the h2, h3 tags. Also make use of subheadings, bullets. This makes the website more neat and clean. This will definitely help you with the website bounce rate.

14. Avoid using flash content. Flash content are rarely crawled by search engine crawlers as they have been notoriously hard to read. Use other alternatives instead.

15.The website must be complete with all the necessary pages including the About, Contact and Sitemap pages. I have seen many blogs that miss out on this aspect. Hope that you won’t too. This will also be benefical in getting google adsense approval.

16. Invest on a proper webhosting platform as page loading speed is considered to be one of the most important ranking factor. The website must also be simple and compact for page loading speed to be positive.

Besides these above mentioned SEO tricks  you can also try this tool below to make the job even easier for you -

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