The Best SEO Friendly Blogger Themes!

blogger themes
There are plenty of blogger themes out there, but only a few live up to the standards of being SEO friendly. The themes that we present the most SEO friendly themes. All of the sites below are free provided you do not change the footer credits to the template creator.

1. Super Seo

This is the best SEO optimized blogger theme! We have to say that, look around our website is based on this theme. The one thing that strikes you first is the uncluttered ways of this website. It is fast and simple and does the desired job. The most important feat of this website is the loading speed.

blogger themes

2. Fastest

This theme was close to becoming the official Backlinksguy theme. The one above is frankly much better and more importantly cheaper. I personally do not endore the horizontal tabs on the homepage. As the name suggests, it is the best theme when compared to load time. All the social plugins are there and it is also contains automated slots for ads.

blogger themes

3. Cream

Yes it looks a bit girly. Just change the pink to blue or a red and this theme will definitely stand out. The color scheme here is beautiful and the best thing about it is it looks compact. The navigation menu is also mobile friendly. It would work great if you're focused at a particular niche. Like most of the themes here, the load time is better than average blogger themes.

4. SEO Rocket

This will be the theme I use the next time I create a blog. Other than the navigation menu not being mobile-friendly, there aren't many flaws in this theme. The look is minimal, simple which also improves the load time of the website. Other than a lack of a proper drop-down menu, this site is my personal pick for your blog.

blogger themes

5. Viral News

This theme is targeted to particular set of viewers. I have had tons of request from our newbie Indian bloggers for a theme based on "latest news". This theme works exactly for that. There are also many pros associated with themes including the loading time and the compactness. The cons are the usual non-friendly drop-down menu. Also this site seems "too thin" to me.
blogger themes

So these are the BacklinksGuy stamped and approved blogger themes. Hope you find these useful in your blogger journey. Do share this post to fellow blogger hopefuls. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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