Top 4 Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

social media marketing mistakes Sometimes even a fully well-optimized website i.e. a site whose On Page and Off Page SEO has been done with excellence, struggles to bring up some good quality traffic on your website. So, if you’re wondering what else can be done, to sum up, the number of visitors on your site then, the answer is surely Social Media Optimization (SMO). Also, if you’re not familiar with “what SMO is?” then follow this ultimate guide to SMO to clear up the juxtaposition you’ve been having about SEO and SMO. Also, if you started a new blog then you might want to read the secrets behind getting your Google AdSense account approved in one day.

Previously, social media platforms were nothing but a medium for one’s entertainment. But not anymore, today social media is used as a healthy tool for promoting a business (a website or blog). As you all know, millions and billions of visitors navigate through social media sites every second where some of them are searching for funny memes while others are simply looking to learn SEO tricks and suddenly they find your website that has some great, sizeable articles on SEO Tips & Tricks. Thus, you end up with a huge amount of quality visitors landing on your website to learn SEO.

But it is not that simple to carve out the traffic through these social media sites especially when you are new to this business. I always get to hear from people that “Social media marketing doesn’t work” and that’s where they are wrong. It doesn’t work for them because they are doing it wrong. Most of them do not incorporate social media successfully into their marketing efforts. In fact, they lose their trail and start following the trend of others and quickly become discouraged by the lack of positive results.

So, to help to take the full advantage of social media potential, here are some social media mistakes that you need to avoid practicing in order to prevent your website’s growth from getting stymied forever.

4 Social Media Mistakes That You Need To Avoid in 2019

1. Expelling Social Media As Futile

Most of the people believe that social media is not right for their demographics (audience) or their industry, guess what they are completely wrong. “Only teenagers and tech-savvy use social media” yet another common misconception, but in reality, it’s no longer the case. Referring to the recent studies about some popular social media platforms, the fastest growing audience on Twitter is between the age bracket of 55-64-year-old and same are the stats for the fastest growing demographics on Facebook (45-54-year-old). Today social media has completely penetrated all layers of our society. So, in spite of considering social media a futile; I advise you to put together an effective social media strategy ahead of the competition that could help in having an upper hand.

2. Imprecise Goals And Targeting the Wrong Audience

As I stated earlier “it is not that easy to carve up traffic for your website through social media especially when you are new”. Besides being a newbie, another challenge that you face while setting up the marketing goals is knowing your audience. Before you proceed for setting up a campaign, it is very important that you identify and veer on your target demographics. Start asking these questions to yourselves – For whom did I made this product? Am I trying to reach men, women, adolescents, adults? To help you identify your target audience so as to establish your initial goals for the campaign.

After you decided your target audience, it’s time to think about the kind of results that would be ideal from the campaign. Defining some parameters about your goals and KPIs would make a great move. Are you into generating leads for your website, or you simply want to drive some traffic? Try to be specific about your goals before stepping up or else you will end up nowhere.

3. Thrifting On Video Content

You have always heard this that a picture is worth thousand words, ever thought about videos then. If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth 10,000 pictures. With videos, you can increase the dimensional depth that words and pictures are unable to achieve. Also, if you improvise it with a little sound and movement that would add a level of engagement that other post cannot compete with. Living in a world where captivating content is more than everything, why not use the most captivating one?

Considering the facts, 85% of the internet audience in the US watches online videos, and most of those videos (around 92%) are viewed on mobile devices and then shared. So, it brings up a probability that your posted video has a 78% chance of reaching a user that you didn’t target directly. So to conclude, Video content is the paragon of working smarter, not harder.

4. Paying For Fake Followers

While millions of followers, likes, and fans would help leverage a business prominence and validate its social proof, it won’t help with increased ROI nor will it improve user engagement if it’s spam or fake.

Recently, Instagram had deleted millions of accounts to prevent its users from paying to gain more followers. Overnight, many celebrities and prominent personalities and business had lost tons of followers.

The key here is to aim to build genuine consumer relationships rather than focusing on numbers.

Final Thoughts

If you’d read our blog on SMO guide then I am pretty sure that you might have understood how vital SMO is for your website. Social networks are the backbone of internet marketing today. So, if you’re planning to start your social media marketing journey then I would suggest you get started with Instagram as other social media platforms like Facebook are struggling with a slowing rate of new signups. Also, try to avoid all the above mentioned social media mistakes in order to make your campaign successful. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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