5 Must-Read Free eBooks For SEO!

best seo ebooks
Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” refers to all the strategies and tactics you need to rank highly in the search engines. In layman’s terms, SEO is what gets your website to pop up on the first page of Google search results. But doing SEO nowadays isn’t that easy as it was earlier. With the frequent updates that Google applies to its ranking algorithms, it has become very difficult to rank your website over the SERP. So, it would be helpful to understand the know-how of these updates from Google.

The best way to rank your website is by optimizing its content because “Content is King”. There are a lot of ways to learn about the basics of how to best optimize your content using Google which provides tons of information to help you do the job. However, you can’t always trust what you read online, and, unfortunately with SEO, there a lot of black hat methods that have the potential to hurt your organic traffic that is sometimes peddled as legitimate tactics online. So what would be the ideal source to get some reliable info? Well, my suggestion about a reliable source to understand SEO better would be to trust those authoritative SEO practitioners who have taken time to write a book about the practice of SEO.

So, we did a little research and chose the top 5 free SEO ebooks that are worth downloading so that you may benefit from the knowledge of the others and learn something new about SEO. Also, the below list of SEO books are the personal favorites of some of the SEO experts leaving no reasons to doubt them.

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5 Free SEO eBooks Worth Downloading

1. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

By Google

Number of Pages: 32

best seo ebooks

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I considered starting this list with the key player in the field of Search Engine Optimization – the Search Engine itself – Google. The reason to stack this eBook on the #1 position is Google because who else can teach you the know-how of SEO other than the Search Engine Giant himself. If you’re new to the world of SEO, then I recommend this book to be the very first thing that you should go through before starting your career in SEO. This eBook will guide you by providing step-by-step instructions about the Dos and Don’ts of SEO.

2. The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

By Moz

Number of Pages: 89

best seo ebooks

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Don’t know about “Link Building”? Read this book and you might become an expert at it. This book features a comprehensive guide to link building that is helpful for both total beginners and people who have been familiar with link building for a while. Link building is a very crucial task in SEO as it is one of the many factors for improving your Google ranking. This book has a very educational character and covers the best link building tips and tricks.

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3. Link Building for SEO – The Definitive Guide

By Backlinko

Number of pages: 55

download free seo ebooks

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If you can’t understand the fundamentals of link building then this is another great guide for grasping them. The author of this book is Brian Dean a guy whose whole business is focused on this (link building) area of Search Engine Optimization. This eBook might be helpful for those who already have some knowledge about the topic and are eager to learn some advanced link building techniques. It also includes important stuff, including four interesting case studies and some advance knowledge about SEO.

4. SEO – The Past, Present, and Future

By HubSpot

Number of pages: 22

best free seo ebooks

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Want to know the complete evolution of SEO from the early ’90s till today and what other changes might take in the future then this great free eBook by HubSpot could prove to be an optimal choice. This eBook is focused on the comparison of the past, present and future techniques and the analysis of the evolution of the SEO. It gives you a great overview of both the practices that should be left behind and practices to focus on in the future.

5. SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

By Search Engine Journal

Number of pages: 324

best seo ebooks

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This eBook is a complete package for those who want to become the Jack of SEO. If you read this book ones and for all then there’s no stopping in becoming an SEO expert in just a month. With over 300 pages, SEO 101 eBook by Search Engine Journal is one of the most comprehensive free resources about SEO available. It includes the history of SEO, vast glossary, detailed statistics, and many other interesting chapters. Definitely worth checking out!

The above-listed eBooks are available to download absolutely free of cost. So, if you’re new to SEO and want to pursue it as a career then these eBooks could prove handy. Also, let us know your thoughts after reading the books and the best thing that you learned from them. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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