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Hey there,
We are the BacklinksGuy. We are currently a team of two. We both work in an Organization that helps websites rank better on the web. We thought that we should help others with the knowledge we have in the Digital Marketing. We are also constantly working to better ourselves in this arena and help you along the way too. The goal here is not of greed but of sharing knowledge.

We want everyone that visit us here to take with them certain aspect of digital marketing. Our country is striving towards digital revolution and we are trying to do our bit to help others join this revolution. So, don't be left out and join us.

A Digital Marketer Has To Be An Idea Creating Machine. The Grey Areas Matter More Than The Black And White.

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We are also novice bloggers here with a bit of fear and lots of optimism. We want you to join in our journey and make this your journey towards creating your digital foot-mark. India has lots of capabilities and so do we the people! Lets join in together and learn and grow together.

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Here you will find all the information you need to advertise on BacklinksGuy.  Our Website has been active from January 2019 and has gained a tremendous following since then.

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